's Camera styles

Hello everyone!

I made couple camera custom BPs, that have diferent movement styles. These BPs can help you to learn a bit about camera logic and, if you want, can be used in your project for free. :slight_smile:

Use links or just scroll down
Orbital Camera style
Strategy style movement

Setup process:

  1. Place Cam(Or whatever it named).uasset in your content folder (ex: Project/Content/Blueprints)
  2. Launch your project and find the asset.
  3. Place asset in the level and setup it initial orientation, radius and settings
  4. Posses to it in game process or use auto posses

Hope you like it, guys!

great! …

Hello guys! Here is a strategy style camera movement. Camera(Pawn) moves, when cursor is near the screen border. I I’m currently working on some additional features, but it works and ready to use by now.

Vid demo:

Border width(where pawn moves)
Movement speed

https://yadi.sk/d/eEL-MWq-jspdQ (4.9)
StrategyCamera — Yandex.Disk (4.6)

Setup is similar to my orbit camera.

Here is simple camera orbit rotation BP(not sure about my English here :D). It is a simple pawn, that can be rotated around focused object. It might be very usefull for ArchVis projects or model presentations.

Here is a vid demo:

Object focusing(with smooth transition)
Touch Support
Pitch limits (by Y axis)
Speed rotation setup

Download(version 1.0):
https://yadi.sk/d/zl8LLzvMjspCR (4.9)
AroundCamera — Yandex Disk (4.6)

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Title changed and thank you for those nice gifts ^^

Nice one, will test it out some time :slight_smile:

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

There is a minor issue with the orbit camera. When you move the camera upwards very quickly, it will actually glitch/flip to the other side and not stopped by the camera limitation you added. Probably because the limited area on the top is skipped entirely in a single frame. So the pitch is technically never in a restricted area. A possible solution would be to do the checks before actually rotating the camera.

Works great otherwise, thanks!

Hi this is awesome, I’m new to blueprints and you helped me a lot with this.

Can you please tell me how I could get the touch support working. The camera movement is working but I was trying to make the Camera focus to object also with the ,get hit result under finger for objects, but it just doesnt works :frowning:

Can you give me any advice?
Thank you so much!

Try set Finger Index to 1.

Anyone can upload this camera on other place? or reupload.

fantastic blueprint! thanks!!

sorry for my english
I applied the first 3 items. I see cam on the content browser and viewport. but I press the play button and nothing happens
please upload setup video or write step by step.

set “Auto Possess Player” to Player 0 in the drop down tab under Pawn


It was exactly what I was looking for :cry:

Very sorry, I accidently deleted the folder with my stuff on this cloud. I’ve recover it, so you should be able to download cams now.

Thanks ! I’ll try it right now :slight_smile:

can u make a short tutorial about your blueprint??
because i can’t find any tutor about this…
and actually i can’t understand your blueprint from just open it…
it says error FocusedObject variable…
please help

at least make some tutorial from text to text, we don’t really hope it’s video, but it’s ok if it just a text tutor…

Well, you can simply ask questions what you do not understand, I’ll try to answer.

What about the error… I’ve reuploaded systems, so they are 4.9 now. Try.