Ryzon 7 3800x and Ryzon 9 3900x Unreal Engine 4 performance comparison recommendation


Did anyone test or can compare Ryzon 7 3800x with Ryzon 9 3900x in terms of general UE4 performance (not archviz tasks).
Does R9 provide noticeable (meaningful) improvement as compared to R7 one ?

I can’t find information on how many CPU threads does Unreal Engine 4 support

P.S. Maybe someone can recommend Threadripper version instead

Hi! UE4 utilizes all cores perfectly well.
And of course 12-core CPU will be better than 8-core CPU.

*Old generation Threadrippers went obsolete. New generation Threadrippers are pricey. But if you have money, sure, go for it, they will serve you well.

apart from lightmass rendering,is there any significant improvement from 8 to 12/16 cores. i cant decide whether to upgrade my 3700x to a 3950x now, or wait for ampere/big navi later this year