Rusty Switchboards -

Hello Every one I have summited a new pack to marketplace

A set of Rusty Electrical switchboards, transformer, and other electrical equipment, this assets set comes with a Large (main) switchboard, 2 smaller switchboards a large transformer, rusty lights, and some electrical equipment and cable tray set. The main switchboards has a material instance that allows for colour variation, also comes with a rust and a pre baked green colour that I made with the asset first. The doors and all separate meshes and there origin point is where the hinge is so they can be programmed to open and close with out a problem. There enough texture variation to have 2 or 3 large switchboards in a row and not it look the same. The main switchboard has 6 variations to the small doors and 3 for the large doors, each set of doors is baked onto one texture ( i.e. all 6 small doors are baked onto one map) and a rust version on top of that, so effectively there is 12 different variation on the one model on 2 texture sets or 6 for the other, the smaller DBs and transformer have one variation but still some with a paint and a rust version.

I have added some electrical equipment to it as well, such as circuit barkers and a fuse. The fuse has two meshes the fuse holder and the fuse it’s self, the fuse and barkers are detailed enough up close for use in a inventory system or something like that if need be, If you would like any thing specific let me know and I can see what I can do and add it to the Pack but I do plan to add stuff along the way. They also have a similar look to my other pack Rusty beams so they fit quite well together.

All feed back is welcome.

I was thinking $24.00 for a good price?