(Rusty) programmer looking a project / tasks in game development to contribute

[COLOR=#252c2f]Hello dear community, [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#252c2f]I’m a computer scientist who’s currently trying to make an old passion to his job, after realizing the area I’ve been working with in the past 5 years - Software consulting - does not fill my health bar so much I thought it would.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#252c2f]During 2020 I realized I was a bit far from what I loved most: programming. To make a sort of “carrer change” I need to refresh all my “lost knowledge”… and that’s what I’m doing since I realized I need this change in my life. The most ideal thing would be if I could apply this to game development. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#252c2f]I’ve got now to a point where I need to challenge myself to keep the motivation up – you know, studying on your own at home during a pandemic can be quite hard sometimes [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#252c2f]That’s why I’m here to offer you my current skillset and experience a few hours a week for a developer role.
I graduated in computer science back in 2015. Now I’m 30 years old and work as a full-time software consultant. I love tech, games, programming and all that geeky stuff and I’d love to take part in an actual development team where I can interact with and learn from other talented, open-minded people and maybe learn a bit from them 

My skills:

  • Solid OOP knowledge (mainly C++ and Java)[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#252c2f]- Java SE 6 certified programmer (if that counts in this area…)
  • Logically minded
  • As my current job suggests, I have a lot of experience managing the implementation and enhancement of different software. So I have a good idea of how software works. You know, games are nothing else but software 
  • Great time management and leadership skills, as I’m working as a consultant full-time
  • Independent learner who can quickly understand everything in my areas of interest
  • Natural problem solver[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#252c2f]- Experience working in large teams from different countries and cultures[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#252c2f]- Fluent English, German and Portuguese[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#252c2f]- Basic Spanish[/COLOR]


  • Currently I’m getting familiar with the Unreal Engine and already created a small 2D platformer using blueprints
  • In the next days I’ll dive into the C++ world of UE and apply my knowledge there

Although I’m not working as a developer professionally, I do have some games I wrote on my own in the last years.[/COLOR]

  • Super Battleship World: a multiplayer battleship game which can be played via local network. Wrote in Java. It also contains a chat and a Player vs PC mode, which means I’ve implemented a small AI too 


  • Arkanoid: a simple Arkanoid game wrote in C++ and SDL2. It contains simple move movement and physics mechanics. This is a Player vs PC game, which means there’s a small AI here as well.


  • A small ECS (Entity Component System) based platformer: I wrote this game in C++ including ECS to understand the basics of ECS and how modern games are built using it. It covers more complex topics such as animations using sprites, physics system supporting rigid body, gravity, collisions etc…


-I do want to take over a programmer role. That’s what my heart bets for now.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#252c2f]-I’m not good at drawing, although I’ve been playing around with Aseprite to create my 2D games lately.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#252c2f]-My time zone is UTC+1 (Europe)[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#252c2f]-Currently available a few hours a week.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#252c2f]End notes:
-For me to take this step and come here to post this means I’m very committed on what I want to do. So preferably I’d like to find people who have fun at doing their job and take it serious at the same time.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#252c2f]Please PM me if you see I can help on your project. I’m looking forward to contribute!![/COLOR]
[COLOR=#252c2f]Kind regards[/COLOR]

Hi, you’re exactly the type we are looking for to rebuild our team :slight_smile:
We are making a story-driven sci-fi fps/rpg game,
Please consider joining us through here:

We’ll answer all your questions there.

Hello! I’m currently working on a large survival game at the moment. However I don’t think that will fit what you’re looking for. I have a small concept for a 2d platformer that you might be interested in. Something small and fun to start off with. I understand what you mean by not being fulfilled. I’m a warehouse manager and I’ve started to feel the same. I’ve always had a big passion for games so I have decided to branch out and see if I can create something. Let me know if you’re interested. -Dylon