RUST and other languages besides C++

totally new to UE so forgive the noob question if this is already possible… basically i was wondering, as i am not fond of C++ at all, and since better options have become available, and thus i prefer learning a language properly designed from the ground up like Rust or GO instead of the kludge C++ is, does the UE team have plans, and dare i say an ETA, on providing an interface for languages such as Rust, D, Pony, or GO, so that we can code in something else than C++? i trust i don’t have to explain the issues with C++ that, at long last, Rust is finally addressing.

personally, i don’t care spending the next 10 years of my life becoming a C++ expert just so i can efficiently use UE, especially when in 10 years, the IT world will have moved along so much that C++ might not be required any longer.


Officially, only Blueprints and C++ are supported. Python scripting is limited to the editor itself AFAIK.

There are however several plugins for other languages, C# and Javascript among them.

TBH though, if you’re too uncomfortable with C++, just go with blueprints.

Looks like there’s some new news on the horizon regarding UE4 and scripting - follow the links here

From what I read online, people have been talking about the death of C++ since late 80s, early 90s.

I just realized that it’s actually happening when I have seen that not even Google SDK supports C++ anymore: API Client Libraries  |  Google Developers

You could possibly bridge C++ and Rust using Rust’s C FFI. Surely something similar exists on the C++ side, something that allows you to define C-ABI compatible functions?

But that is because Objective-C is a lot like C++, in that case they might have no reason to support both.

But you can’t use the Objective-C SDK in C++, so I don’t really understand the reasoning :smiley: Just because they are similar, I can’t use this library in a C++ program.
Also, JavaScript and NodeJS are almost the same, yet, of course, both are supported.

The “reasoning” is about a mobile platform.
I don’t think that would be the case if the platform was PC or Console, etc.

Backend technology very rarely provide C++ support.