RUSH! (The band)

“Then all at once the chaos ceased. A stillness fell, a sudden peace. The warriors felt my silent cry. And stayed their struggle, mystified”

“They sat a while in silence. Then they turned at last to me - ‘We will call you Cygnus the God of balance you shall be!’”

Are you one of the few that love Rush, but frustrated when no one knows who they are? Or can’t share your excitement when their name is brought up, or a song of their’s plays? Well, this thread is all about Rush!! Completely random talk, share your favorite tunes, quotes, concert memories, life events - whatever! I may only be 25, but I’m all about that 70’s prog Rock! (Rush being #1 for me) :).

(P.S. Anyone read through Clockwork Angels book yet? I’m on chapter 17 right now. So amazing! (So is the album)).

I never did a throwback Thursday post before, but this totally calls for it. This is Rush’s Garden Road, one of their early songs when they were starting out.