RunUAT can't find all project .automation.csproj files - missing '**' in automationtool.proj

In UE5/Engine/Source/Programs/AutomationTool/AutomationTool.proj the script searches for engine dependencies using this:

    <CreateItem Include="@(EngineSearchDirs->'%(FullPath)/**/*.Automation.csproj')" 

However for individual .uprojects it omits the ‘**’ and only searches:

    <CreateItem Include="@(UProjectDirs->'%(FullPath)Build/Scripts/*.Automation.csproj')">

Changing it to:

    <CreateItem Include="@(UProjectDirs->'%(FullPath)Build/Scripts/**/*.Automation.csproj')">

seems to correctly build the dependencies for us (it does require you to leave them in build/scripts but now you can have subdirectories)