RunUAT BuildCookRun full command line options documentation?

I keep running across command line options for BuildCookRun that do not appear in the list you get by running “-help”.

For example, what exactly does “-compile” specify? Also, I know now that “-compileeditor” means compile the DLLs for use with the editor - but where is the doc that states it? I’ve been thinking that -compileeditor was used to compile the engine source code.

Another one: -buildmachine. I’d like to read about what exactly that does.

Anyone know where to find documentation for these?

Afaik, there is no documentation about it.
The only way to find what a command does is to go the hard way and load up the AutomationTool program found under Engine/Source/Programs/AutomationTools.
You can either load it up in Visual Studio using the .sln project file there or load the folder on your favorite IDE like Visual Studio Code. Just use the search function of the IDE to find the command and figure out the hard way what it does.

The -buildmachine parameter is for building and enables these:
• Detailed cook timing statistics to csv file.
• Logs shader compiler errors.
• No max number of warnings/errors reported in output.
• Skips checking if plugins are missing/out of date.
• No dialogs or crash reporter.

Found this when digging into the editor code.