RuntimeModeler Plugin WIP downloadable example project!

This plugin is a basic modeling software that runs in runtime.

Navigation are similar to the UE4Editor/Maya.
Focusing on a point is achieved by pressing on the “.” key on the numpad instead of F ( Like in blender(3DModelingSoftware))
Moving/Rotating/Scale of mesh elements is done using the G/R/S keys and axis constraints for world and local coordinates is done by pressing on X/Y/Z/Shift+X/Shift+Y/Shift+Z (Again, just like in blender).
Editing mode options menu can be opened by pressing Ctrl+Tab ( Like in blender )

Shift+G = ( Selection Options ) ( Like in Blender ) <- In Face edit mode
U = UV Options <- In Face edit mode

Watch the video to get the idea of how it works.

Please share your thoughts. :slight_smile:

Download Link:

*This is an example project and it cannot be packed with a game. Only for trial purposes.

That Seems Awesome Work!.. Thats what i need.

Good Work^^

That’s quite neat.
Have to take a closer look when I can.

Does it work in multiplayer too?


At the moment it doesn’t but it shouldnt be a too much of a problem to implement it.