Runtime Virtual Texture on multiple landscapes

I recently started using runtime virtual textures to blend my meshes with my landscape. I ran into an issue when I created a new map with a new landscape. You have to setup the RVT with that specific landscape so it doesnt work on the new landscape. Is there a way to set these up with multiple landscapes or do I create a new material for each landscape and a new material master for the meshes that I place in the landscape?

Hey, I just came across this, I am quite sure you can setup a new material easily. It needs to be done inside the blueprint of the material and then on the landscape itself through the details. Let me know if you need any help doing that, its kind of a lot to just type out so I could make a really quick video or something for you!

Hey, I’m facing the same issue actually, didn’t find any solution for now, if you still want to make the video to explain your method it will be very usefull

Thx :smile:

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same here