Runtime Virtual Texture and distance blending won’t work

I am working on a project with some very critical emphasis on landscapes and I decided to use RVTs to tackle a whole bunch of things at once but ran into a problem rather quickly.

My landscape material setup isn’t particularly special. A bunch of paint layers, some automatic slope blending for rocks etc. and some distance based blending between textures with different tiling settings to reduce tiling.

I converted this material to use RVT following the official doc. And all seems to work as expected other than the distance blending. It’s hard to tell what exactly is going on but it seems like some paint layers basically use all three textures at once instead of just one depending on the distance to the camera while other paint layers use only the detail texture even when the camera is really far away. Moving the camera closer or further away also doesn’t seem to effect this at all. It looks like the material just froze and does not take the camera distance into consideration at all.

I’m now a bit confused if maybe this actually isn’t even supposed to work yet since RVTs are still considered beta, in this case I would stop trying to fix it and just do it „traditionally“ or maybe it is supposed to work and I’m just missing something.

I could provide some screenshots of the RVT part in my material If needed but it is basically the same setup as in the docs.

Ahoi, also ran into this problem. I haven’t got the time to test it but on the official site they mention Virtual Texture Output Derivative. Also I found this picture of some material.

It works.
but not as great as Distance Blend.