Runtime Split Screen Toggle

For creating local multiplayer games, it would be very handy to have a built-in split-screen function in Blueprints or Game Modes. Usually these games have a shared screen for menus and a split screen during gameplay.


I’d like to see that happening too

Not sure what the OP is asking for precisely / exactly…
But more split-screen options using BP would be great.

Something to infer which screen quadrant a controller is linked to.
Who has the larger viewport if the 4th player leaves the game etc.

There is a project setting (Maps&Modes…Local Multiplayer) that controls how local multiplayer works (either split screen or all on the same screen), and you can choose with UMG whether you are adding a widget to a given player or to the whole screen (AddToPlayerScreen versus AddToViewport), so you can have a HUD per player, with some overarching widgets for, e.g., the pause menu).

@Franktech, the ordering of the regions is deterministic based on the player index I think, so you could swap players around to control who goes in the large one with 3 players, but I agree that some more helper functions would be useful.

Michael Noland

But if you have a menu screen which you want multiple players to be able to act on (think Smash Bros. or Street Fighter), then you currently have to use a custom script to switch splitscreen off and on. It would be much easier if this was accessible from BP.