Runtime Sound Occlusion

Hey people; I’ve been wondering if projects out there are in need for something like this…
I’ve been working on a real-time sound occlusion plugin based on physical material assets attached to Actors in the scene which can trace occlusion based on multiple collision channels and work with the builtin spatialization system of the engine.

For now it’s just a WIP, but if there’s interest I could produce documentation and make it public :slight_smile:

Yes Please & Thank You :smiley:

I’ve submitted source code to EpicGames; they are currently reviewing demo project and making sure it works as described :slight_smile:

Yay Im excited to check this out bro :smiley:

Version for Unreal 4.22 submitted for review.

I’m submitting version 1.3.0 for Unreal 4.21 and 4.22 with several math improvements to sound reflection, refraction and surface scattering calculations.
These improvements should add a much more realistic attenuation feel to sounds that aren’t completely occluded by obstacles.

I’m also adding a check to automatically disable Unreal’s built-in occlusion functions on SPB speakers because some users are mistakenly activating them causing two occlusion systems to run on same time (don’t do that).