Runtime Skeletal Mesh Loading

I’m looking for an engine to use for a project, and UE4 is on the candidate list. The project involves having a server that would distribute parts of avatars as they’re needed to a client, and the client would then load the model onto the avatar.

This may be done at runtime, or it may be downloaded to the client through a launcher and then used in game.

Basically the parts wouldn’t be put in before hand via the editor. They could be created in the editor and exported for distribution though.

The end goal is to have a cosmetic shop similar to what you see in korean MMORPGs or Valves DOTA2. But keep the client light and only download whats needed so a thin HTML5 client could be possible - using placeholder meshes while the requisite parts are downloaded for example.

Can this be achieved using UE4? Some of the similar questions I’ve read on here mention some proposed methods are illegal somehow? But those solutions are using proprietary UE4 editor technologies at runtime or something to that effect. Surely there’s a way to package assets to be downloaded and used at a later date.

When I say “They could be created in the editor and exported for distribution though.” what I mean is: Could I import the assets into UE4 to produce the assets useable by the engine, then take those generated assets from the import and distribute them to the client from the server.

This way if new minor content like say, a shirt were added to the game, the player wouldn’t need to download the entire client, just the shirt.