RunTime RGB Matte Maker

Hi everyone,

I built a RGB Matte Pass Blueprint, it works by encapsulating a collision trigger volume over a set a meshes
It works only at runtime so you don’t have to reassign your materials, it will asses your meshes (skeletal and static) and apply an R/G/B/Custom material.

Here’s a simple example video of it working. [video][/video]

The only requirements of this for it to work are:
Models must have collision mesh
Generate Overlap Events must be enabled.

I submitted this to the marketplace a couple months and got knocked back due to other products doing something similar or better (not sure if i’m come across anything similar)
I gave up waiting for feedback, so going to just release it here.

See if anyone even wants it.


thanks man.I’ll download & give it a go :slight_smile: