Runtime Mesh importing into Unreal Studio environment?

Hello everyone I am doing some introductory research into the Unreal Engine and whether it is a good fit for my studios needs. We were curious about the prospect of importing models at Runtime , and applying textures, materials, and possibly shaders to said models. I see loose references to this being possible in a standard UE4 environment but is there anything we may leverage using the new Unreal Studio tools to possibly do it in our own builds?

The idea is to give our design team a project that they can just dump into a folder and we can read said model into a visualization space that they can then view at their discretion. Thank you !

Currently, the only way I know of doing this involves loading a UE4 asset. The only way I know of creating a UE4 asset is to use the Editor. So, to take any file type and to load it at run-time involves a background process of opening the file with the Editor and converting it to a UE4 asset. The Editor can be run in this way as a background process. It’s not ideal, but it works. We are exploring other mechanisms.