Runtime Mesh import

I need to import mesh (and texture) data that has not been packaged as assets during runtime. I am using the assimp library and have a basic import working using the ProceduralMeshComponent. However, I don’t need to modify the mesh data once it has been loaded and I want to have many actors with components using the same mesh, so this approach seems to be very inefficient for my use case. Ideally, I would like a way to create a StaticMesh during runtime, but as far as I have seen this is not feasible.

After reading Generate Procedural Mesh - C++ Gameplay Programming - Unreal Engine Forums, I believe that I will have to implement my own custom MeshComponent and corresponding caching logic to get instanced, dynamically loaded meshes during runtime with reasonable performance. Is this assumption correct, or is there a better way? Maybe someone else has already solved this problem and would be willing to share some insights or even code?

Hi did you find a way to implement this. I am able to import a mesh at runtime using the RuntimeMeshLoader plugin. But I’m facing issues with texture. I’m not able to import the texture from the fbx

Hey, i’m facing same issues with texture, are you finally figure it out?