Runtime Mesh Component - unwraping, generating UVs

Hey Guys,

I’m trying to make procedural 3d caves using Runtime Mesh Component. I manage to make some basic shape for stalactite, but have problem with generating UVs.
Is there algorithm I could use for that?


There’s no tried and true algorithm for what you want. Saying that however, you could use a material that imposes a triplanar texture projection mapping on to your object: [TUTORIAL] Triplanar material - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums

Thanks for response. Is there a program I could use to generate procedural meshes like Runtime Mesh Componetn with already properly set UVs and then import them to Unreal Engine 4?

Honestly UV mapping for procedural content is going to be very dependent on what you’re doing. As an example, a terrain system I usually see people use some variant of triplanar projection texturing which doesn’t require UVs. For a block engine like minecraft it’s easy to hand create UV’s for each block, but will likely require something like texture atlasing or texture arrays. Now for a cave generation I’m probably going to say your best bet is more along the lines of triplanar, you can easily do multiple materials, and it will handle texture stretching.

The RuntimeMeshComponent won’t really help with UV mapping, it’s basically just a total replacement to the ProceduralMeshComponent.