Runtime level creation using masked scattering

Hey, guys. This is thread about a strange feature which was born while I was working on my VR Mage Sim)

How many ways to create a runtime level you know? Well, terrain is not a problem at all. What about meshes? We can’t use the built-in procedural foliage system because it’s not working in runtime. We can improve random foliage_BP from BlueprintExamples and spawn it with particular methods, but I’ve been thinking about the simplest system.

How designers usually distribute a lot of objects e.g. in 3Dmax? They use scattering, so I’ve created the same system (at least the basic part :slight_smile: )

This is level blueprint which you want to open:

And this is how the magic works:

You can mix different masks (100*100 for my ancient computer is more than enough) and your meshes will be allocated randomly according to the result.

To create a brand new level all we need is draw a few masks and set parameters)