Runtime Gizmo (Transform Tool)

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This asset adds transform gizmos to your project. You can change the location, rotation and scale of static mesh actors at runtime. This works in PIE and packaged builds and does not use UE4 editor code. Editing is simple and feels similar to the gizmos found in the editor.

Example usages:

  • Enable players to set up their house with furniture as desired.
  • Create a map editor within your game.
  • ArchViz projects can use this to edit the environment in shipping builds.


  • Edit location, rotation and scale of static mesh actors using convenient mouse interaction.
  • Fully made in Blueprints.
  • Asset is fully independent of the editor, other assets or libraries.
  • Works in PIE (Play in Editor), standalone games and shipping/packaged builds.
  • Very simple integration in your project.

Feel free to post your questions and support requests.

New update live.

Update v1.2

  • Add local axis translate. (Key “M”)
  • Add possibility to specify actor tags to define which actors the gizmo is allowed to edit.
  • Improve mouse dragging in translate and scale mode.

Update v1.1

  • Support for 4.22
  • Small code improvements

Is it possible to adjust the size instead of scale? i.e. adjust a box from 100cm / units to 150cm / units

Not sure what you mean. Setting the scale to 1.5 would result in 150cm I think.

I recently bought this. I noticed that on the transform you cannot move it from the center white node on the transform It appears to only transform on the XYZ axis. Can this be resolved.