Runtime Fonts with Text Render Actors

Hi, it would be great to be able to use runtime fonts with text render actors.
This has been something asked since around 2015 from search, but for some reason seems to have been neglected up until now.

Using runtime fonts would just make it so much simpler to display independent text in 3D space -
offline fonts tend to make it a large hurdle for many that just want to get text up and running quickly.

This is a shame when all the other parts of the engine are so easy to get up and running
without much previous knowledge, and I’ve seen many people head over to Unity just due to this.
(Unity’s dynamic fonts being usable with plain 3d text mesh nodes)

As of now, runtime fonts can only be used with UMG, which can feel bulky and overkill
when what one only needs is to get custom text at a wanted point in space.

It would be great to get this up in a next update,
especially considering
a. text seems to be a fundamental part of development
b. this has been asked back already a couple of years.

Updating thread with reference links displaying the need for simplifying the display of ex. non-latin characters, which runtime fonts would make extremely simple.

Does the new 3D text rendering system in 4.25 not have what you are looking for with this, Berserkd_dk?