Runtime FBX Import (Asynchronous)

Runtime FBX Import is now available in marketplace :

With this plugin, you can import FBX files along with all the textures ( diffuse, opacity, normal , specular) and color values. Highly detailed FBX scenes can be loaded very fast, and grouping of a single file into Nodes and Material sections further allows you to generate an entire scene comprising of various interactive actors, from a single FBX file.

You will also be able to select and modify Material properties of the individual sections of final geometry in runtime. Each FBX scene is converted into a group of Procedural Mesh Components, each having unique material section and is a child of specific node, as read from the source FBX file. Custom collision meshes with UCX_ prefix can be created in the source file to apply collisions to the final Procedural Mesh Components.

This plugin is very flexible and optimized to ensure maximum usability, allowing you to import from smaller props to an entire scene, dynamically. Asynchronous Import allows you to execute other tasks while the FBX is being imported.


  • Asynchronously Import FBX files in runtime.
  • Relevant Textures(Diffuse, Normal, Specular, Opacity) are auto imported with the mesh and can be applied to the generated Procedural Mesh Components, each unique to a material index and is a child of a specific node, as read from the source file .
  • Custom collisions can be applied in the generated mesh component via UCX_ prefix as read from the source file.
  • Built in support for designing changeable material property layout for every Mesh Component.
  • Evert FBX scene imported is represented by a custom actor which hosts all the Procedural Mesh Components generated from the nodes read from the source file. Hence every FBX scene can have its own set of custom logic, allowing user to implement this plugin in number of various scenarios, from importing larger scenes, to interactive smaller props like weapons , barrels, etc.

For further communication with me regarding releases, updates, and direct support, join me in Discord :

Kindly download the build from the below link and test out importing different meshes, and let me know for bugs and what additional features you would like to have.…

That’s a plugin i’m really interested in.

Subscribed to your thread, please keep us updated.

Hey @athianoir - got a request for this plugin.

I need to be able to import a whole pre-assembled scene from blender into UE4 but keeping the textures, geometry, collisions, etc. with the same transforms as they were in blender. This would Ideally be done in the UE4 editor so I can use the editor tools and blueprints.

The problem I currently have is that when I batch import meshes from blender the pre-assembled scene is not preserved.

Nice one, I’m interested as well :slight_smile:

Finished working in a demonstration that allows user to change the color , texture and materials of individual sections for every imported mesh during gameplay.

You mean to say how DataSmith plugin works when you export scenes from 3ds max to Ue4?

Ha! Beat me to it :slight_smile: I have a working version of this too, which I was planning to bring to Marketplace in due course. Looks like a nice implementation though, so congratulations!

Hi @athianoir are you thinking about the same possibility for ABC alembic files ?

Yeah it is possible definitely, since it has the C++ source code available with examples. But this plugin for now supports only FBX format

Hi @athianoir, I missed your answer and also the code you posted.Thank you to provide me some hope on the .ABC alembic.
If you can do the same for importing in runtime an alembic file (mesh and animation and specific parameter) I will be your client and I’m sure that there is a lot of people who are interested on that .
Thanks for the feedback. :wink:;base64

**** Edit***
In fact I don’t know if what I mentioned for importing ABC file in runtime is correct.
I need a folder which can be accessible by the game engine and a User to replace an alembic file by another with same parameters and same name.

I liked the idea. I even got requests for supporting stp and obj, and usd file format as well.

Updated to 4.25.

@athianoir can i editing your ui design here or what