Runtime Error on Client


In a multiplayer strategy game we are working on right now, we are spawning some actors in GameState class.
The actors and their properties are replicated. We are also retrieving actor information for every player connected to game.
The information can be accessed by everyone (server and client alike) without problem but, since for clients it takes time to load the map and actors on it, editor produces runtime / access errors for the function that is trying to access the GameState info.
As far I personally understand, binding values through functions in Widget blueprints makes the function fire per frame or something like that.

So is there way to prevent these errors? Is it possible to check whether client has loaded certain content of the game at any given time?
Or are there any alternative methods you can advise?

A bonus question, if I may, what really happens when “Net Load on Client” is unticked in replication panel of an actor? The actor never gets loaded or…?

Putting IsValid? into proper spots seems like a way to handle *“Runtime accessed none” *errors.