Runtime Curve editor


I noticed that the “runtime curve” variable only allows to create a new external curve, but I would like to know if it is possible to add a variable that allows to edit a curve simply as a variable, with a Point array subtype or as an external curve.
For the moment I have created my own variable system with conversion to B-spline or simply a Smooth edge via a bezier calculation, as the edition of this curve is only done by vec2d points, it is difficult to imagine the final shape of it, if it were possible to visualize it live with the curve editor, it would be great.

?? Last time I used them, we could right click the curve graph and add keys to its “default curve”.

Did Epic remove that?!

Nope, there is no break of the variable, it is possible to create and read an external curve, but impossible to use it as a variable.