Runtime Changeable Terrain (Not Voxels)?

I was wondering if it’s possible to make Terrain (the ground on which one walks) in Unreal Engine 4, changeable during Runtime while the player/players are playing. WITHOUT using a voxel engine.

How would one do this? I’d like my game to be Isometric top down perspective and I guess with Unreal 4 I can do this either 3d or 2d.

But I’d like the players to be able to dig tunnels or shovel dirt from one spot to the other, thus changing the the height or shape of the world/level’s surface.

An example would be Red Faction the original, which was somewhat limited, or a new game called Life Is Feudal I don’t believe either use voxels. But somehow Volume is simulated and the environments can be changed by the players.

I am just looking for a friendly pointer in the right direction.

I also wonder if data can be fed in along with a heightmap into Unreal 4 along with the previous feature I mentioned. So that I can attach certain “materials” to different parts of the heightmap.

Also if multiple heightmaps can be used together to set, Water Level, Surface levels, and cave/underground structers. Then when they are put together the world is built out of the mix of the three?

Hopefully my grammar isn’t so horrible that no one understands what I’m asking haha. Also maybe I should have split this question into seperate questions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Use procedural mesh, generate vertices and uvs in a nested loop, create grid triangle and input the final values of the for loops to it. After that, create mesh section using the variables above and ur all set