runtime arbitrary code execution


I am wrapping my head around UDK4, I don’t have a deep understanding of the SDK structure at the moment, but I wanted to ask to the more experienced users if it’s possible to use an external dll / code to be run in realtime during game execution/evaluation (possibly on a separate process but can be also just at game start ) .
Where do I start , is there some node I can use in the blueprint editor that can call a dll method? or I need to address the source etc. sorry for the confusion:) Thank you


I am by no means an expert on the matter, but my guess is you cannot do it directly from the BP. But since UE4 works with C++ why not try linking your library and execute the dll code from one of your custom classes?

These might be helpful

Hope it helps

You need to write wrapper UObject classes and use the UFUNCTION macro to expose getters/setters and methods to Blueprints. There’s really no other way to expose those functions to the reflection system.

Thanks for the hint ! , I will dig into it when I will have some spare time… also I cannot install vc2013… so I have to check out the 2012 mod instructions first:)