Runtime Alembic

It will be a great step forward for cinematics to be able to load an .abc files in RUNTIME.

I’ve hit memory limits with a lot of alembic files in sequencer, I’d stick to fbx if you can, and only use alembic when needed.

Hi @YuuJin I have to work with .abc files for my VR project and need to be able to load Alembic files in runtime.
But it seems that nobody is able to do this or no-one wants to share the solution.
There is also a strong possibility that this is not feasible. :rolleyes:
I’m ready to give $$ for a code which can do that.

yah, I’d think abc in it’s base setup in unreal might take up too much memory for VR
you could probably experiment with

at siggraph vancouver 2018, the guy at the epic booth there told me weta basically used a version of this, probably their own data format of some type for smaug in the hobbit VR experience

Hi @YuuJin thanks for the link. This looks promising for the future of cinematics experience.
I will have a look at the ue4 project coming with the video.