Runtime AI jumping solutions (without navlink use)?

Hey all. Just curious, did some googling and found a couple references to solutions used for runtime AI jump path calculation, but nothing concrete. Did anyone ever arrive at a consensus on the best way to implement it? I’m currently considering using my custom PathFollowingComponent to determine navmesh edge polies and jumpable heights, and see if a direct path using jumping is available to the AI character then redirecting the path algorithm to the jump poly. Another possible solution I’m juggling that may cut down on runtime cost is to subclass out the navmesh and flag edge polies during editor generation, then again using custom code in the PathFollowingComponent to see if a valid edge poly would result in a shorter path.

It’s much easier to implement jumping for AI only when they can’t path to where they’re trying to go since it’s very easy to intercept a blocked or incomplete path, but I want jumping to feel more natural and always be used in general path calculation. AI should drop off cliffs instead of going around, jump up short hills/obstacles instead of going around, etc. Just curious what the community’s thoughts are on the matter, as let’s face it, navlinks are a pretty poor solution to this.