Running UE4 game (NoEditor) on a Virtual Machine?

I’ve been working on networking and to properly test I figured I’d try running my project on a VM.
After having tried a couple VMs with -d3d10 or -opengl3 I gave up. I kept getting crashes at startup.

VMware was my only hope, as it supported up to dx10, but it too failed to run my project.

PS Here’s a post on the answers hub I made: Running UE4 with -d3d10 or -opengl3 on a virtual machine (VMs) - UE4 AnswerHub

Programs that are intensive 3D software usually aren’t supported well in VM

You might need a bare metal type1 hypervisor for maximum performance in virtual machines like the free Proxmox VE Proxmox VE - Virtualization Management Platform or the very expensive VMWare ESXi.

I’ve seen examples of a “null renderer” being used when launching the game. Does it still require the sdk for init or will that work for testing purposes? I wouldn’t know how to interface tho, perhaps by using cli?