Running UDK AND Unreal 4 causes my speakers/headphones to pickup alot of feed back

used to happen under UDK, but its now a million times worse with Unreal 4.
None of my other programs cause (ie Modelling software, paint software, audio software, games).
When its running my speakers/headphones are picking up so much interference/static.

There is a Hourence lecture where he acknowledges it too :

(around 10:20)

What is causing ? Why would Unreal (and UDK) do and no other software?

Hello- thanks for the post. Actually, I haven’t heard of before, though it seems to be happening on some systems? Can you perhaps give more information about your system, and if possible a recording of the noise you’re experiencing?

In case it helps, I did have both open a couple days ago, without, so it indeed is only some systems. Let me know if posting some details as for my system specs, maybe to create a control group, would help to track it down.

It is definitely only a few systems - of course.
It will be interference being picked up by my mobo but I can’t tell from what. I used to think it was my mouse.
Will post setup/specs tomorrow for some troubleshooting ideas !

Are you plugging your headphones into the front, or back of your pc?

If you’re plugging them into the front, try the back as it usually has less feedback.

I also have , as soon as Unreal 4 opens up there’s static. I’m using an ASUS Xonar DG soundcard with speakers plugged in the card itself (not front panel).

I had a very similar problem, never with UDK or UE4 but when I ran a game (Fifa 14 and some others). I have an ASUS Xonar U3 connected to my soundcard in the back. I fixed it by simply changing the sound output (in Control Panel -> Sound), from Speakers to Digital Output. Since then not had that problem.
Hope it helps.

have been away form unreal for a bit, coming back and forgot how annoying sound was.

i’m not using an ASUS Xonra.
i have 2 Yamaha hs5 speakers plugged into a mackie desk. my pc outputs from the mobo sound card to a split phono which plugs into the mackie desk.
my speakers are then plugged in to the desk via xlr/quarter inch cables.
no other program gives me problem. UDK and Unreal 4 do.
it only happens when Unreal has “focus”, it stops as soon as the left mouse button is held down. it also stops when i right click for a context menu, or when i click any of the other menus - that may have a pop out menu (ie File, Edit etc…)
the strangest thing is, when i turn the amp off, the buzzing continues but much quieter - and even with both speakers off, my windows sound “muted” i can plug head phones in to the front panel and i can still hear it.

i assume is some sort of feedback/interference, but why is it only UDK and Unreal I experience with ?
games, photoshop, fireworks, cubase, visual studio, nothing else generates a buzzing sound

my mouse is plugged in via usb and my keyboard is via ps2 slot. should my mouse be as well ?

is going to be a much bigger problem than i am aware ? like my power extensions that are being used? or is it usually caused by internal interference (hard drives, graphic cards etc…) ?

is electromagnetic interference from your PC’s components and not a lot can be done about it.

What graphics card do you have? I’ve got an ASUS gtx 660 ti (with the large fans) and I get with my headphones plugged into the front panel of my PC, it isn’t overly loud on mine, but it is a constant white noise that occurs whenever the viewport in rendering, turning Real Time off or holding a mouse button down will stop the noise just like you say.

I am almost positive it is the graphics card causing the interference. On my system I can also hear it during games if I mute the audio, and also had with another game engine in the past. No other programs work the video card hard enough to hear any feedback.

Not much can be done about without changing your PC’s components unfortunately. :slight_smile:

I’m happy to find a topic about .
I have been experiencing bug on 3 different computers, all using nvidia graphics cards.
I’m currently on a pc equipped with a GTX 780. The noise is present in the headphones even if I mute completely the sound on my pc.
It stops completely when I’m not focusing on any realtime UE4 viewport.

same thing here. I only have wehen I have a UE4 viewport… in blueprint editor no humming noise. But as soon as I have the level editor I get some static noise sound. All other apps work fine. I’m on UE4 4.11.2

I have , and find the best way to minimize it is to crank up the signal volume coming from the PC, and turn down the volume amplification on the headphones/speakers, improving the signal.

A thought; I’ve had happen in games, particularly in main menus, when there isn’t an FPS cap. I don’t get in UE4 projects when packaged/standalone, but I do in the editor, where there isn’t an FPS cap. Coincidence? :wink:

I can confirm that is related to your Computer Hardware. It’s similar to the well known coil whistle of many modern GPUs (Also high clocked USB Ports may cause with mouse movement). Dependant on your System the Speakers make noise in cadence with the FPS and GPU load. To my experience your best bet is to lower the Hardware Volume control of your Soundsystem and increase the Software Volume control to the maximum.

I also have . I just bought a new GTX 1080 graphics card a few months ago. My eDrums suffer from a similar problem, and something tells me I have to buy all new hardware just to get things to work properly. Anybody know of PC component configurations that work well with Unreal and some that don’t?

Having had the same, I’ve accidentally found a strange workaround. It seems that if there are any other sources of audio (for example, a youtube video), the buzzing is diminished to the point of being barely audible. I muted the video, muted the tab itself, and paused the video all at the same time, and I had to listen intently to even notice the buzzing was still barely there. It also worked with livestreams. I don’t know why it worked, but the results held up to repeated testing.

Hope helps others.