Running Standalone Game from Editor doesn't load the Default Game Map

I haven’t needed it in a while, but I remember using Standalone Game from the Play menu in editor launching with the default game map (from project settings). It allowed me to test the game from startup (main menu) without having to unload and reload the current level (time consuming) I was working on. This isn’t working (4.6 or 4.7). No matter what play mode I use, it always loads the current level from the editor.

I know this works by just opening the default map in the editor, but that’s an inconvenience (time) and an issue. The issue is, I can’t debug the level blueprint I’m working on, because it closes when I load the main menu level in its place to test.

I’d be surprised to hear that this never worked, because we haven’t ever cooked our game to launch it separately yet. If this is still supported, what am I doing wrong?


Same Problem here in 4.16. It’s a pain, to always reload the menu map, see you havent fixxed the bug and have to reload the actual map again…

Did someone find a solution to this?

Or do we understand the options in a wrong way?