Running rigidbody simulations on GPU

I am relatively new to Unreal engine, and I want to simulate rigid-body physics on my GTX1050ti GPU, so I searched a little bit and found this link :
There is a comment that says by building Unreal engine, I can make it to run PhysX on GPU, therefore I built the engine from the source code, and then I compared two complex scenes, one of them running on the pre-compiled version and the other one on the built version, and it seems there is no difference between them, so right now, I am confused, and I really appreciate any help that can bring me out of this confusion.

Hi again, as I have to simulate rigid-body PhysX on GPU for my research, and the other choice for me is the Nvidia PhysX SDK, and it seems very difficult for me, I would be really appreciated if any one can help me to run the Unreal engine PhysX simulation on my GPU.