Running Python Scripts from Blueprints - Should be possible > 4.23?

In a previous post from Jamie, he wrote
“…,** but I’ve also added Python specific functions for 4.23.**”

Which ones are those, I only see “Make PythonLogOutputEntry” is that it?


I’m betting that’s in regards to Editor Utility Widgets. They are blueprints, and you can create an ‘Execute Python Command’ node - I’ve been running Python from these for a few days now. And I’m under the impression you can only run Python from these widgets and the script editor, although someone will probably prove me wrong now.

Yes! there are near 10 ways to run python scripts!!! and they can run from within not only bp, but also from inside a packaged game, at least an in development build!

You can even have a nice UI that is all working via python, such as the one floating window that create coins and control them in that video: