Running out of Video Memory when using Source Control

Hey, I have a RTX 2060 Super, so this shouldn’t be a problem. But somehow, it is. Unreal doesn’t even show as taking much but just says that while its doing something, Idk what I did but now it ended and Git For Windows it taking up lots of CPU

I have this problem too with a rtx 2080 and rtx 3070, any solution???
It happens when I checkout or submit files.

Having this problem as well, out of GPU memory when trying to submit via source control in Editor (4.27.2, using Subversion). GPU is a 3090, so out of memory shouldn’t be happening. Using a virtual production template map with default Project/Editor Settings. Error only happens when trying to commit changes to the repository.

This is linked with 'Out of video memory' on source control submission

it has been reported a few years ago already in UE4.25:

And I have now submitted a PR with the fix for Epic Games to hopefully integrate it in UE5.1: