Running math/geometry formulas on object

How can I run custom formulas on those cones, transform into something else? I made them spin by using blueprints, but I want to make it more advanced. Like create spiral effect with some twisted snap to it or just in general make it interesting and psychedelic.
Mac OS has this thing called Grapher where you can enter custom formulas and create geometric figures etc… thought that I could somehow find a way to use it in Unreal.
Also what kind of formulas should I use for interesting effects?
I’m going for Alice Madness Retuns, Disney vibes with that black and white dotted style mixed with a bit of red and chess and cards thematics.

Well, I tripped on this one. I found something similar to the idea of geometry distortion Mesh & Actor Placement 6.0 in Blueprints - UE Marketplace
You can generate some trippy stuff with it.
Also there’s a tool in blender called Bevel, that does it too. Basically it creates more or less random figure, by pushing corners up and down etc… It’s useful to create simple sci-fi themed scenes with space ships and buildings. Cool stuff.