Running launcher with a copy of unrealengine folder makes you download everything all over again

So at work i have a fiber 50Mb connection however at home i have a T1, and download 8+Gigs is a pain and time consuming. Basically i cant do anything else on net then if i wnat this to complete as soon as possible.

Yesterday I downloaded everything at my office copied whole UE folder to my external Drive i take back and fourth home with me to then so i wouldn’t have to then re-download all of what i did at work.

Now i do this alot with other programs I’ll install launcher, load launcher up that way launcher create whatver reg entrie sit needs and place sthe file structure needed. I then close launcher and copy and past over Unreal Engine folder over what I just installed with launcher to save time downloading everything again and bam done.

However Every time i load launcher up it wants to re-download whole entire program and doens’t see I have any of free content i’ve downloaded from market place.

I’ve even tried putting folder I’ve copied in 1st before installing and same thing.

is this a bug or intended or any planes to allow one to do this???

Hey Valus,

Do either of these posts answer your question?

If not, please let us know how else we can help.

It looks like 1st one does for most part, 2nd post I did find but it only mentioned projects folder so didn’t fully relate.

any plans to change this in future because thats a nightmare not just for downloading of UE4 but any content from market place to. What about so-called updates i’ll then need to download. Will it be like an image(current install gets replaced by another updated 7+gig install) or will it be incremental(only files needing updates will be updated).

Right now, Launcher will not recognize any projects copied from another location, so it will try to download it again. It’s a known issue, and team is looking at ways to improve Launcher so you can move project content between systems.

For updates, Launcher will search installation for files that need to be updated, much like Perforce, so you likely won’t have updates anywhere near as large as initial download. There is unfortunately no way to get around that initial download size through Launcher.