Running into problems with my "sword attack continue" window

I’m trying to make a proper window for a sword attack continuation. I.e. I do a right handed swing, and at a certain point, I can interrupt the current animation (or montage in this case) and start the left handed swing. I’ve kinda achieved that, but I want the window to extend all the way until the character returns to idle, and they way I have it set up now, when I extend the time window it causes the next montage to play automatically. Its kinda tough to describe, but think dark souls/bloodborne. Thats what I’m going for. The way I have it now just encourages button mashing. Bleh.

Here are my blueprints.

This is my attack graph:

And this is the function where I check if I can continue the combo:

Help is greatly appreciated, and I’ll be glad to share anything else that could be useful. Thanks!

Problem Solved. NVMD