Running into Problems Creating a 2D Game

I’m using the 2D Sidescroller template and running into some issues. I replaced the 2D Character Actor’s sprites with my own and movement is working fine, but when I try to set up a collision with a TriggerBox (Or anything really) it won’t work. I’ve looked up solutions, but I can’t figure out how to use any of them. Something about giving the sprite a Rigibody and BoxCollider, but I don’t see anywhere to do that.

My other issue was brought on by trying to figure out the first one. I was messing with various collision and physics settings and eventually I had a character that started flying around like paper or falling through the level. I couldn’t get it back to the default, so I just deleted it and inserted a new one. This would work fine, but now two of them are showing up on my screen. There’s definitely only the one character. I’m considering just rebuilding the game since not much has been done, but it’s frustrating not knowing what’s causing this.

you have player start which spawn a default character , try to delete your character or player start from your level .