Running from an external hard drive?

Is it possible to put Unreal 4 onto a seperate hard drive, then connect that drive to any computer (with the same OS) and run the program off the drive?

Thank you! The computer uses Windows 7. The reason I have to do this is because it’s a school computer, and the Technology director isn’t willing to install the program for me. It’d be extra work, I guess. So if I got the drive, it wouldn’t need to install anything to the main computer in order to work, correct?

Also, what size drive would you recommend?

Hi Mrs_Imagineer,

If the OS that you mentioned is Chrome OS, please see my response here.

If it is a supported OS, the external drive would need to have it’s own OS installed. The editor includes several files that must be installed in the operating systems directories in order to the editor to work correctly.



I don’t believe so. Please keep in mind that I haven’t tried this myself and we recommend installing the editor in the standard fashion.

With that said, here are other user that said they have gotten it working. They had to build the engine from the Source code however.

As far as a hard drive size, one version of the editor is about 12 GB. You will need at least double that room in order to properly update the editor and plan for your project size and any content you may download.