Running Faster Endless Runner


For my endless runner I want to make my character go faster when the player collect more and more coins he goes faster and faster. I tried to set it up with blueprints but it doesnt work when the game starts the player goes to full speed in milliseconds. Do somebody know what is wrong with my blueprint (see picture)? The default value of WalkSpeedVar is 500 end the totalcoins is the number of coins collected by the player and is also used to display the number on the screen by a widget.

Thanks for the help in advance.

Sorry for my bad english it isnt my first languange


It’s because you are adding the amount of coins to your speed on each frame. Try setting the speed in the coin collected function.

I concur, Add it on Begin overlap or when you destroy the coin along those line.

Nice pickup 123.


Thanks for the help :smiley: With your tips I succeded for changing the speed everytime when I pick up a coin. I also add the picture of the blueprint for people with the same problem. In the spawn point I also placed a collision box that sets the start speed add thousand. The * is used to ad 10 speed everytime I pick up a coin (I used a collusion box for begin overlap arround the static mesh to not let it mess with my destroy actor/sound on overlap with the static mesh) and the + is for the start value that has been entered at the start of the game.


You just need to adjust max walk speed. You can make your character walk, run even fly! Check out my template: