Running dedicated server with cooked content

Hi all, I’m trying to get a dedicated server to work. So far I’ve gotten a dedicated server executable to work, but with cooked content for a game client. Now I’m trying to get it to work with cooked content for the server specifically to decrease the distribution file size. So far I tried to follow instructions from these sources:

To recap:

  • I have downloaded and compiled the engine from source
  • I have added the game server build target and regenerated visual studio files for my game project
  • Via the Project Launcher, I have cooked my content for the platforms WindowsServer and WindowsNoEditor, resulting in cooked content folders in Saved/Cooked/WindowsServer and …/WindowsNoEditor
  • Via Visual Studio, I have built using the solution config “Development Server”, this results in MyGameServer.exe

Now MyGameServer.exe works perfectly when I run it in the original location “MyGame/Binaries/Win64”. It also runs fine when I package the game client using Package Project > Windows and move MyGameServer.exe there to <Packaged folder>/Binaries/Win64. However, I’m trying to figure out how to run the dedicated server with the cooked server content I prepared before. The cooked server content is considerably smaller than the cooked client content.

So I have cooked content, I have a dedicated server executable, how do I use them together?

Alternatively, how do I package the game server from the editor? Package Project > Windows seems to always produce the game client (WindowsNoEditor).

Does anyone know this? I hope I can distribute the dedicated server with content cooked and packaged specifically for a server! I would assume the option to cook content for server exists for that, otherwise I misunderstood it.

bump for a reply from Epic.

Hey, i followed the same tutorials and it works fine for me. But it seems that you are not using UnrealFrontend, you really should it’s so easy with it. So if im not mistaking you really only need to go in Saved->StagedBuilds, remove the .pdb which takes a lot a space (if you don’t care about debug) and there you go, just copy that on your server and it should work.