Running/Debugging Game With Cooked Content Without Packaging

Hi! I’m having some trouble, and I’m hoping somebody might be able to offer some insight.

On Windows, I can open my project’s editor, cook content (content get stored in my project’s “Saved/” directory), and then build and run or debug the standalone (NoEditor) game binary without any problems. It seems to find the cooked content in the Saved directory without any issue.

However, if I attempt the same thing on Linux, I run into problems. In 4.18, the game simply wouldn’t find the cooked content, and would complain that the global shader cache was missing. As of 4.19, it’s now breaking while attempting to load localization files.

Anybody have any experience with this? What makes Windows special that it can find Cooked Content in my Saved/ directory while still loading localization data from the base Engine directory? …And does it have anything to do with “Sandboxing”? (In my research, I’ve seen some references to Sandboxing, but I can’t find hardly any documentation on that system)

Thanks in advance for your time and help!