Running a game on android disables volume control

I’ve been toying around with the example projects to get a feel for the engine but somehow when I run a game on my android device () it disables the volume control buttons. Is that a bug or a feature? (aka, do I need to check an option somewhere?)

Same “feature” on my Nexus 7 (2013) Android 4.4.2.

This is a known bug with a fix in the works. We’re currently telling the OS that we’re handling all keyboard input, so it doesn’t get a to process the volume buttons.

If you feel like digging into the source at all, the area to fix is in LaunchAndroid.cpp:

else if (AInputEvent_getType(event) == AINPUT_EVENT_TYPE_KEY)
   // currently always returns 1, but should return 0 for any unhandled key, including the volume buttons

Ah, thanks for the info. I guess I will wait for the fix, my C++ is a bit … rusty.

Thank you for this tip.

I still have this issue. 4.14 UE version. Can i do some wokraround, with out C++?

So, when you run a blank project with starter content in it (so it has the background noise) you are unable to adjust the volume? What type of device are you on? What Android OS version is that device on? Are you running a blueprint, code or mixed project?