Running a dedicated server automatically as a background

I am exploring ideas for players ‘seeing’ levels independently of other players in a multi-player game (eg. Player 1 sees a Volcano island, while Player 2 is in a dungeon - this example is contrived, the world is procedural and in space, so it can’t be laid out in World Browser (afaik) ). I have had some level of success using level streaming, but streaming a level on the listen server client applies it to all clients.

TL;DR: I’m hoping that I can secretly run the host as a dedicated server instead of a listen server. Is this possible?

Yes … a dedicated server is very possible … if you don’t include “-log” option when running a dedicated server, the launched server will never create a console widow. What you will have to be aware of is the process name and make sure you close that process accordingly when are finished with the dedicated server.

You will also need to be aware of these processes and link them to the correct player to make sure you don’t close the incorrect server process.

Thanks very much Quinton, this is good to know before getting too far with this option!

I actually forgot to mention that Unreal Tournament uses a Dedicated Server when you host a server from the client … I think it is still like that … can’t remember. I had to uninstall Unreal Tournament because I ended up playing too much and not doing my work. 8-{

Oh that would be handy thanks, I’ll check that out.

Hehehe, I imagine UT has absorbed a large portion of ‘work hours’ across the globe. I take comfort in knowing that I wasn’t alone :stuck_out_tongue: