runner game forward movement Add Forward Movement

I tried different things for the input on forward direction, and got strange results.
This is the default thirdPerson Character BP.
Need to press W to move forward.

Replacing the InputAxis MoveForward with a Tick gives a constant forward movement, but only after a mouse click.
Until I click the mouse, all other inputs are locked. So no movement L R or Jump.

I thought I maybe the fast input from the tick was overwhelming the other inputs, so I tried an Event Timer Loop
Custom event attached to the same connection in the Add Movement Input slot.

This gave really strange results.
The character now rotates in place. About 5 degrees per iteration, until facing forward, then he just twitches.
The left and Right controls work, so he can run left and right, but no forward movement. If I stop pressing Left or Right, he will slowly rotate back to facing away from camera.

**Why would piping an input into the same spot, change this from Forward movement, to Rotation?

Is there a better way of doing this?**