Rungradle.bat bundleRelease

Hello everyone
now it’s been months that i have the rungradle problem rungradle.bat":app:bundleRelease i tried everything nothing works so please please help me and thanks in advance

try installing this version of java

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Nothing :sob: :sob:



Thank you but it doesn’t work

it’s interesting)) and if you try to pack an empty template you will also have this error?

and this plugin you turned off hopefully?

I tried to create a new project without modifying anything (apart from the “configure for android”) and I still had exactly the same error
and the SteamVR plugin is disabled

you have nothing to block the engine? Maybe a firewall … by the way, since you installed Java, can you install SDK Manager? it won’t take long

I tried but nothing happenned
But maybe it has something to do with Java ?

this method always works … the problem is different

if you create an empty project and don’t touch anything and just click to pack it?

I had the same error but I believe it is related to Java

you don’t have any other java stuff on your pc ?


I once had a bunch of versions at the same time and everything worked)

I think I know what the problem is

there is one and a very old problem)) not the fact that it is she but I guess so it is)) if possible, install the system language of the operating system English

I tried as you told me (the windows language has not changed) but I still have the error

try turning it off)

it didn’t work but there I have the other problem of OpenSubsystem GooglePlay

try disable

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