Rune Archers(working title)

Community project? I had an idea for a battle royal game and I’ve made a prototype(only runes and their abilities). So if anyone interested we can try to make it. Find rune stone, activate it, shoot other players with empowered arrows(another violent video game yay!). It’s pretty ugly but it’s only a prototype:
8 runes, on 3rd successful hit(there is timer for hits, you have few seconds to hit another time and refresh timer, in video it’s numbers above rune ability icon), and activable ability:

  1. Fire - on 3rd hit sets target on fire(small dot), ability: explosion(instant aoe dmg)
  2. Ice - on 3rd hit roots target for few seconds, ability: immunity(like ice block)
  3. Earth - on 3rd hit buffs instigator decreasing incoming damage for few seconds, ability: adds 100 armor points for small duration
  4. Air - on 3rd hit buffs instigator increasing attack speed rate, ability: flying
  5. Water - on 3rd hit slows target for few seconds, ability: water explosion that cleanse all count hits, all debuffs from instigator and all buffs from targets in range of explosion
  6. Nature - on 3rd hit heals instigator for small amount, ability: heals instantly for full health
  7. Thunder(Storm?) - on 3rd hit buffs instigator increasing damage for few seconds, ability: teleport in direction(not a big distance)
  8. Shadow - on 3rd hit silences target(kinda turns off current rune, so player uses arrows without any runes and can’t use abilities) for few seconds, ability: invisibility.
    everything can be changed.
    Or at least give me your opinion about this idea(i mean about game like that). Thx for your time(And sorry for bad English).

Hi grandcoyote

Very nice prototype video. It really helps to convey the concept. I see a game featuring Projectile Combat, Power ups, Opened Arenas. Truthfully speaking those game mechanics are common, it just comes down to presentation. Imagine replacing Archers with Mechas and you the concept behind TechLords (which is the game, my nickname is derived from). As common as they game mechanics are, I personally would not limit to Bows & Arrows.

I can easily visualize different Classes:

  • Mage with Hand or Staff to Cast Magic Projectiles.
  • Knight with Power Sword that uses Slash to project Projectile.
  • Ranger with Bow to project high velocity Magical Arrows.
  • GunSlinger with Guns to fire magically imbued bullets.

The Runes could effect each Class differently dependent on Weapons/Instrument for the Class. I could also see Rune and Classes effecting projectile ‘Flight’ Pattern (ballistics for arcs and shaped pattern) differently.

Projectile Combat, Power ups, Opened Arenas is the base game play in our game. However, we have no limitations to theme or art-style, which became the greatest challenge with developing in previous unpaid *closed *community projects.

I have not seen many open community projects around here. Such a project could make use of the hiqh quality Free content in the marketplace. It could be descent game concept for putting the Paragon Assets to like Sparrow the Archer.

If this is going to be opened to the community do you already have source control setup? task to assign, etc

Hi TechLord

Thank you for your reply, I don’t have source control(I’ll need a server for that purpose?). I have only intuitive tasks, not very detailed. And after thinking about it, I can’t make this game, I know too little, it was too ambitious :slight_smile: Sorry for wasting your time. Good luck!…ULT_041719.png

You already made the game. You have decent prototype there, just need to iterate and polish. I’m taking on a MMO single handedly. I develop each subsystem modularly piece by piece and use marketplace content. I attach extra pieces, alter bone scale, and modify the materials to get some unique out of assets.