Run UE4's GenerateProjectFiles.bat with visual studio alternative(s)

Well, the title has said it all.
I don’t have access to an okay type of internet speed, talk less of a fast one. With UE4’s source file, I had to pay someone from a different state to download it and mail. it down to me, and I don’t see myself paying for visual studio to get downloaded. Please, I need visual studio alternatives to run UE4’s generatedprojectfile.bat . I believe running UE4’s generatedprojectfile.bat is the last step to installing UE4, right?
I’m totally new to ue4.

Still waiting for a reply

If you want to build UE4 on windows from source, then your best choice is download and install visual studio. It’s possible to use clang to build the engine on windows, there was post on the forum discussing the details but I’m not sure it’s still supported.
And even you get past the compiler step, you might still need to download all the dependencies which I belive is 2g+ download.

So unlesss you have very specific need to modify engine source, I would suggest you stick with the launcher version. (But you might still need to have visual studio installed sooner or later)