Run UE4 Projects on Android

Hi … :rolleyes:
I’m newbie in android development with Unreal Engine 4, i tried packaging many projects and all succeeded and all installed in my android devices (Mobile, tablet, note … etc) some worked well and a lot of them gave me black screen …

My question here:
What are the perfect UE Project Settings to let all project worked SURE in all android devices ?

No Answers :frowning:

ue4 is a super consumer so the android device needs to be powerful enough to cope.
also currently there are only 3 officially supported devices and even they cant cope with everything. there is a single device, a nexus 5 with ‘special’ drivers, that can handle the full ue4.
is your device on this expanded list?

Thanks for reply :slight_smile:
Is this mean that Apple devices more stable than Android devices ? if i want develop mobile game with Unreal Engine 4 you advice me with Apple iOS or Android ?