Run Two Game Instance on One Computer


I’m working on a local multiplayer game. We need to run two instances of the game simultaneously. When I try to open the second instance, it closes the first one. Is there a way to open the two instances simultaneously?

As a workaround, I can run each instance under different account. But that’s not an option for the final version. Any suggestions?

Thank you

UPDATE: SteamVR was causing the second instance to close. The blank project can be opened multiple times on computers without SteamVR. Is there a way to open two instances of a SteamVR built?

Hey excalibour00,

Are you using Steam integration in your project?

No, I also tested it with a blank project, but still wasn’t able to run two instances of the blank project. The new instance always closed the old one.

How are you attempting to run the project? Have you tried setting the number of players to 2 in the editor if you’re trying to test PIE?

I’m building a 32bit version of the project and test the built version

SteamVR was focused when I tested. So, you were on the right track Sean:)

Unfortunately, this is not an issue with the Unreal Engine. Our developers have investigated this, but it has been determined that Steam VR is killing the process. I’d recommend getting in touch with Valve’s support team if you’re interested in looking into a resolution for this.

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A temporary workaround this(confirmed working with one non-vr and one VR, so don’t think 2 VR clients works):

Open the NON-VR client, without doing anything else go to task manager and close every process that starts with VR_… then also close SteamVR.

Next open The VR client, and it will boot up without forcing the first to shut down.
Now, this works once, after that it will close again if you do the same steps, however after that it works again. So for every open you need to do do it twice.

It’s very hacky, but for now works for my needs. If you need 2 VR clients, i’d say test in-engine in PIE.

Try starting your game with “-nohmd” switch in the command line!
I found that UEngine::InitializeHMDDevice() check for this switch before starting HMD devices.
Obviously this solution does not work with 2 VR clients (SteamVR limitation)

Oh wow, this works. This is going to make multiplayer debugging so much easier, thanks!